Monday, November 26, 2012

Let's Get This Party Started!

Welcome to BizBuzzOngo! This is not a test. This is my "tad bit more than half an effort" to write for public consumption. I know, good luck with THAT, right? Here's my short story;

Since I was a child I was told to write.
I said "Nope."
Now I'm all grown up and the voice inside my head still says "Write"
I'm tired of fighting about it... with myself.

So, I am going to write. Hopefully, someone is going to read. Although, I have no control over that part of it. That said, I will focus on my part. I will write. (Hey! voice inside my head, are you happy now?).

Here's what interests me:
Music, art, sports, business, politics (mostly the stupidity of politics), kids, biographies, history, travel,architecture, local people making a difference or "going for it" in life, education, faith.... Squirrel!

Sorry, I'm back.

This blog is your standard run-of-the-mill hodge-podge melting pot of ideas, thoughts, observations and interests of the author (Me) with no particular order. Wow, this sounds like a failure already! But, since I am a positive person and optimistic to a fault, I'm going for it anyway. I am starting with a couple articles I wrote for the South County's "Out & About" magazine recently. That's a new gig I started to make the voice inside my head (see reference above) happy. Hope you enjoy them, and the blog for many years to come. Ugh, that sounds like a commitment. Happy reading.


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